Let’s scream out together-STOP RECRUITING CHILD SOLDIERS!

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Nirajan
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By Nirajan Thapa

you can make it your profile picture! photo:Benedicte Olsen

Children are innocents. They have their own world, they are aware of unfair competition. Even though, they do not know; what is right and wrong because they have still some more years to learn about the things around them. In some parts of the world, children are marked as god. People believe that children are divine. However, it really hurts me when I see the unfold data about children carrying arms and being mobilized in the battlefield. I cannot imagine, an adolescence being recruited into any armed forces, which carries some political reasons to fight against their so-called enemies. Either it is a government or a group of armed force, they have brainwashed the children.
Most of us might not know about those child soldiers’ conditions, how mercilessly they are being treated. If we do not know how hardly they are living their lives then we never can feel their awful circumstances. Many studies have carried out some facts about them. It is said that, in some African countries many armed forces have recruited children as young as nine. They have been involved in armed conflicts. The armed groups have motivated hundreds of children to sacrifice their lives. Those children have no choices except for losing their lives. Do you not think it is disgraceful?

A child soldier from Sierra Leone photo:google

I had my own world when I was a child. I used to quarrel with my parents; if they denied giving me something that, I wanted even if that was not useful for me. Perhaps, most of you had a kind of childhood. Let’s recall those times when we had many toys, books, foods, nice clothes around us! Were we not lucky when we had our parents to fulfil our demands? It is unbelievable that more than three hundreds of thousands children have been mobilized in hundreds of conflict in the world. Neither have they had their parents to fulfil their demands nor their siblings to share their bad and good feelings with them. They have only the thing- the gun! It is more difficult to those girls who have been involved in armed groups. The girl soldiers are often subjected to rape and other form of sexual violence as well as being involved in combat or other roles. Some reports about them show, in some cases they are stigmatized by their home communities even if they return.
Now, it is our turn to act against the use of child soldiers. Time has come to get millions of hands together to help our brothers and sisters. We should not let their futures to be ruined. Let’s scream out together – STOP RECRUITING CHILD SOLDIERS!

  1. Oswald says:

    Yes! Brother! This must stop! It’s spoiling our innocent brothers!

  2. gronnli says:

    Good article, Nirajan!
    And an important article !!

    The horrible truth about child soldier are disgraceful !
    Poor children. I can’t imagine how their life is…
    I really hope our campaign will work – and some day there will be no child soldiers.
    The children deserves a better life.

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